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If you are a qualified teacher, tutoring is a great way to supplement your income, or indeed, if you have decided to get out of the classroom it can be a great new career!

Recently, we have been inundated with enquiries for tutoring, hence we are recruiting some fabulous new tutors.

It is of course possible to set up on your own but working for us will take away lots of the hassle. Take a look at the table below to see what you get when you join our team………

Working for yourself

Working for Additions Tutoring


Working for Additions is a great way to put your teaching skills to good use, whether you are a new teacher, a career break teacher or a retired teacher (like me). Victoria is a lovely woman who strives for the best for her students and her tutors. I worked for another agency before but left there when it became about the money first above all else. This is not the case with Victoria and explains why I, although I have my own private business, still use Additions alongside my own private clients. It is definitely worth booking an interview!


Honestly, I think setting up properly on your own takes a lot of time and work and for the few sessions I am currently doing it is not worthwhile for me. Without going through an established agency, it is harder to get students as well as most people seem to go off recommendations in the local area on platforms like Facebook or Google.
You have also been great at offering students and because you have so many enquiries it is far more likely I can get set up with one who will fit my fairly limited availability. I also like that you offer small groups and paired sessions and seem to get a number of enquiries for these which has meant that I am currently better off than I would have been had I got found a single student independently.