Meet the Team

Amy Ellen

Amy has been teaching for 10 years, and has worked in further education, training apprentices in early years and Key Stage 1 education. Having worked in an advisory capacity to improve quality in early years provision, her knowledge of the Early Years and Key Stage One curriculums is superb.
Amy has had experience in tutoring children aged 4 -11 and has developed resources that strengthen both English and numeracy skills. Thus, she has an excellent knowledge of the key objectives, standards and expectations of children from Reception to Year 2.

More recently, Amy has gained experience in teaching children in Key Stage 2 and has taken a number of courses to broaden her knowledge of the skills and curriculum in English and maths in Years 5 and 6.
She holds a wide variety of education qualifications including:
  • PGCE in Further Education and Training
  • BA Early Childhood studies, 
  • Early years professional status 
  • A1 Assessor award and Level 3/4 in education and training.


After graduating with a BA in Human Resource Management from the University of Hertfordshire, Alicia changed career and became a teaching assistant. That’s where her passion for teaching developed and as a result, she trained to become a Higher-Level Teaching Assistant. Thus, enabling her to be able to teach whole classes and take on many more teaching responsibilities.

Alicia has been working in schools for 8 years, supporting children in small groups who have a variety of learning needs, as well as whole class teaching.
She has excellent knowledge of teaching and learning across all year groups in primary settings and how to support children and develop their confidence. Alicia is passionate about seeing children flourish and become independent learners. 

David Roebuck

With 23 years of teaching experience, including 8 years as a Deputy Head and Acting Head Teacher of a primary school, there is very little that David doesn’t know about primary education!
After training in North Wales, David started his career in Lincolnshire. He then moved to Wiltshire and on to Hampshire, where he met his wife, and now lives with his two young children.
Over the years, David has taught children with a wide range of abilities and needs. He understands that all children are individuals and learn in their own unique way. David has many years’ experience teaching KS2 (year 3 to year 6) this, together with a number of years in teaching Years 1 and 2, David’s knowledge and understanding of children in the primary setting is second to none!
Recently, David started his Forest School training. He has a love of outdoor learning and the environment.
He has an excellent understanding of the primary curriculum and year group
expectations across the whole curriculum and is passionate about making learning meaningful and fun.


Alex has worked as a teaching assistant at a primary school in East Hertfordshire for the past five years. Currently, she is based in Key Stage 2, primarily years 5 and 6, but has also had experience in all primary aged year groups.

Alex works in supporting small groups of children preparing for SATS and transition to secondary school and is very familiar with the curriculum across both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. She enjoys tutoring maths and literacy and making the learning experience lively and enjoyable. Alex has worked with children who have dyslexia or other educational needs and has also been part of a literacy support programme, working with children of all ages through the school.

She believes very strongly in giving each child a calm learning environment and the time and encouragement needed to develop their understanding and confidence.


After graduating with a BEd in Primary Education from the University of Hertfordshire, Martha has become a teacher who specialises in Early Years and Key Stage 1. Her passion for keeping the children engaged in practical activities is always paramount. She understands that children need a variety of learning experiences to help them consolidate their knowledge. Martha has a particular love of teaching phonics, and led the whole school teaching of phonics in the school where she works. She has successfully taught many children in preparation for passing their Phonics Screening national test in year 1.

Martha had a rocky time in primary school herself, so she understands that every child’s journey may not be easy, and children need to have the key skills of confidence and self-belief to become a successful learner.

Martha has also taught children up to year 4, so has a great knowledge of how to support children and develop their love of learning across the primary school.

Amy Blackaller

Before training to become a teacher Amy work as a Ski instructor in Canada. It was here, that her passion for teaching developed. When returning to the UK, Amy completed a Bachelor of Education in primary education and has been working in upper KS2 since. 

Having dyslexia herself, Amy has a unique understanding of how to support children with this need, in helping them gain confidence and reach their full potential. 

Andres da Rocha

Andres is a qualified primary school teacher, having a BA in Primary Education from Middlesex University.  Throughout his 10 years in teaching, he has had experience in EYFS, KS1 and KS2, teaching in schools in London and Hertfordshire. 

Although he recently left working in the classroom, to retrain as a carpenter and be a stay-at-home dad for his first child, Andres still loves teaching and has excellent knowledge and understanding of the curriculum .

Andres values the importance of children becoming independent and confident learners from a young age.  His teaching has always been driven on this belief and aims to instil a love for learning in every child he works with.

Emma Wall

Emma has been teaching for 20 years now since she first trained to become an ESL teacher in Barcelona. Having spent 7 years fully emersed in the Spanish culture whilst tutoring English in various places throughout Spain, she has excellent first-hand knowledge of the Spanish language and is enamoured with the country’s vibrant culture.

Since returning to the UK she has been private tutoring children Spanish, as well as teaching yoga and mindfulness. She has also home-schooled in an integrated learning approach across multiple subjects, using Spanish as the core language. Passionate about the written word and languages, Emma is also a published author and blogger.

Emma brings energy and creativity into her classes, backed up by the building of sound grammatical awareness, of both the language they’re learning and their mother tongue. She believes in the importance of building confidence in languages by encouraging linguistic exploration stemming from strong semantic foundations. She has worked with many KS2 and KS3 pupils over her teaching career and has also had high success rates with GCSE level students.


Charlotte has been teaching for 10 years. She initially qualified as a secondary PE teacher in 2011, where she taught PE, PHSE and humanities as well as leading nurture groups. She also supported primary school colleagues in the development of PE teaching and learning strategies.

Charlotte has a passion for individualised education which led her to teach at a special school, where she has been based for 8 years. She have extensive experience of teaching English, maths and other subjects to pupils with a wide range of special educational needs including ASD, ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, developmental delays as well as those with social and emotional needs.

At the school where she works, Chalotte leads on food technology and has used this subject to develop learners’ independence and communication.

Charlotte has also led positive behaviour interventions; supporting children to develop the emotional resilience they need to succeed in school.

In addition, Charlotte is a qualified boxing coach and loves using boxing as a way to develop independence and confidence.

Charlotte is a big believer in the power of making learning individual, accessible and fun. She uses her experience of mainstream and special needs teaching to enable learners to meet their potential both academically and emotionally.


Nicol has been teaching and tutoring for 20 years. Her strengths are GCSE and A Level English, History and Drama, Key Stages 2 and 3 in all subjects and SATS. She has a PGCE and qualifications in TESOL and Special Educational Needs. She has taught in mainstream schools, SEN units and special schools as well as tutoring and exam coaching. She can offer specialised tuition to learners with a wide range of educational needs including Dyslexia, Aspergers and Autism, tailored in each case to the specific needs of the learner.

Nicol has superb knowledge of the current curriculum and has specialist knowledge of the marking criteria for GCSE and SATS examinations. She takes delight in enabling students to enjoy their work and improve their grades without feeling pressured. She finds it extremely rewarding working with learners to inspire them, build their confidence and challenge them to think creatively, aim high and achieve their best.

Nicol has a helpful, calm and compassionate nature and proven experience of establishing successful learning relationships with pupils from diverse backgrounds and of all abilities. A multi award winning writer and lyricist herself, she can also teach creative writing and song writing. She is passionate about education and thoroughly believes in encouraging people to reach their full potential, whatever their background and educational needs.


As a former class teacher, deputy head and head teacher, Steve have over 30 years’ of teaching experience and has taught a wide variety of children, including those with Special Needs to those who are gifted and working above age related expectations.

He has superb knowledge and expertise in both the primary and secondary school curriculums and has tutored many children through the GCSE maths and English exams.

Steve is a kind, patient and professional tutor, who has high expectations, of his students. He works hard to build positive, humorous relationships with his pupils, and feels that by doing this they can develop confidence and strive to meet their full potential.

Richard Metcalfe

Richard has over 20 years of experience in a wide variety of roles within primary schools. He has been a Deputy Head Teacher, Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and an Inclusion Lead as well as a class teacher for years 2 to 7.

Richard particularly enjoys working with families and employing a solution focused mindset. He is a good listener and likes to support in whatever role: from providing support regarding a child’s learning, or addressing a concern, to navigating a reassuring course through the special educational needs’ procedures.

Throughout the years as Deputy Headteacher, he maintained a class teaching role as well as individual and group tuition to support learners. The desire to enable others to achieve and thrive, by drawing on extensive experience, compassion and integrity ensures high quality tuition, taught in an engaging and supportive manner.


After gaining a BSc from the University of Hull and then a Masters Degree from The University of Birmingham, Claire began working in education as a special educational needs teaching assistant in 2002.

Claire supported many small groups of children in individualised learning, and the school she was working in encouraged her to undertake a PGCE in Science.

After completing the PGCE at The University of Leicester in 2004, she has worked in several secondary schools in the West Midlands, teaching general science to those aged 11-14 and GCSE for all three sciences, mainly concentrating on the Single Science (Triple Award) in Biology and Chemistry. During this time, Claire worked her way up the school to hold a position in the senior leadership team.

She has been individually tutoring for 7 years, with many pupils increasing their grade by at least 3 levels, her biggest increase being a U to a B.

Claire has excellent knowledge of the Key Stage 3 science curriculum; including preparing children for their GCSE exams. Her style is to help pupils to visualise the concept and link it to something they remember, so that it is easy to recall when needed.


Kerry is a qualified teacher with 20 years’ experience of teaching and tutoring Health and Social care, GCSE and A Level Sociology, A Level Psychology and GCSE Religion and life.  She enjoys teaching small groups as well as one to one sessions, either face to face or via Zoom. Kerry also holds revision workshop sessions during holidays coming up to exams.


Simon is currently an Assistant Head Teacher and a Year 6 teacher. With over 11 years teaching experience across Key Stage 2, he has an excellent understanding of the primary curriculum, how children learn and how to guide children who need extra support as well as those children who are working at above age-related expectations and need to be challenged in their learning.

Since he began tutoring, 5 years ago, Simon has a superb understanding of how to best support children on a one to one basis and in small groups. 

Simon has spent a number of years as a year 6 class teacher, and, as a result has enormous experience in preparing children for their SATs exams, as well as supporting them as they move from primary school into secondary education.


Kate’s first degree was in a psychology, she then went on to qualify as a primary school teacher in 2006 from the University of East Anglia. She has since worked in four different schools in Hertfordshire before taking some time off to be with her son. 

She has taught children from Early Years up to Year Five but the majority of her experience has been in Key Stage One and Lower Key Stage 2. Kate was an English subject leader for four years and she has a particular passion for teaching phonics.

As well as being a class teacher, Kate spent three years as a Pupil Premium teacher where she supported individual children and small groups to reach their full potential. This was a very rewarding role and one which inspired Kate to pursue tutoring. 

Kate creates a calm and fun environment and she helps children to develop a love for learning. 


Jocelyn is a teacher of French and German with 22 years of teaching experience. She has been tutoring for the past 7 years and prior to that, taught for 15 years in 2 secondary schools in Hertfordshire and Essex. She has also supported primary schools in the delivery of French lessons to students in Years 3-6.

Jocelyn graduated from Southampton University with a BA in French and completed her PGCE at Sussex University.

She teaches German to GCSE level and French to primary and secondary school aged students through to A-Level.

Jocelyn is a kind and helpful tutor and creates a calm environment in which students feel safe to develop their confidence in learning a foreign language. She enjoys planning fun and interesting lessons which are aimed at helping students to achieve their full potential.

She has experience in working with a range of students of varying abilities and through establishing positive learning relationships has helped them to be successful in their chosen language.


Gabbie graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a BA in Primary Education with QTS. She has taught in Hertfordshire for the past 7 years, with extensive experience in KS1. She has had experience preparing pupils for their year 1 phonics screening and KS1 SATS. She has a passion for hands-on learning and individualised support and strategies.

Gabbie has a passion for inclusion and individualised learning. This passion has led her to a role in an SEN secondary school in Hertfordshire where she is delivering an adapted version of the primary national curriculum, ensuring this meets the individual needs of her pupils. She has experience teaching pupils with ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, developmental delays, speech and language difficulties as well as pupils with social and emotional needs.

Gabbie has tutored previously and is coming back to it after a short break to focus on her change in role from mainstream primary to secondary SEN. She tutored with Additions Tutoring through the lockdown period and summer of 2020 and taught both group sessions and individual sessions. We are really pleased to welcome Gabbie back!


Julia has been teaching Science to secondary pupils for over 20 years. Most of this has been in her home town in Gloucestershire.

She has taught KS3 and KS4 pupils of all abilities: be that pupils who are aiming for the top GCSE grades and also those that find some areas a bit tricky. She aims to pitch her lessons so that all pupils can achieve to their potential.

With many years of marking Biology GCSE papers for AQA and Edexcel, Julia is able to use this knowledge to guide pupils to avoid the pitfalls in exam questions and through practice, increase the confidence needed.

She believes in finding ways of making Science engaging and relevant to all abilities.


In a career spanning nearly 20 years Dave has taught in a variety of schools across South Wales, ranging from the extremely challenging to those regularly rated ‘Outstanding’ by Estyn (the Welsh equivalent to OFSTED).

A qualified history teacher, Dave has also taught English, Religious Education and Sociology up to and including A-Level. He is currently employed as a Head of R.E in a Catholic secondary school in his home city of Cardiff. Regularly rated as an excellent practitioner by inspectors Dave has developed a number of different strategies over the years to be able to deliver outstanding lessons to pupils of all abilities. He has specialised in teaching pupils with ALN (including MAT students) and he believes that every child is capable of achieving in any subject if given the right tools. He has also been commended on his ability to build positive relationships with pupils in order to help them fulfil their full potential.

Dave has been tutoring privately for over ten years, covering KS2 pupils right the way through to KS5 and has also helped students prepare for entrance examinations for Oxbridge and medical colleges.

In 2013 Dave was awarded his MA in School Leadership and Education from St Mary’s in Twickenham, a qualification he passed with distinction in every module. He has recently been appointed as part of the working party for Qualifications Wales to develop and implement the new GCSEs that will coincide with the start of the New Curriculum for Wales commencing in September 2022.

A keen sportsman who follows Cardiff RFC and Everton FC, who still occasionally pulls on his rugby boots, Dave likes to spend his leisure time reading and watching a good TV drama.


Before taking up tutoring, Julia has spent the last 20 years in a variety of teaching roles from Primary to Further Education. Her last role of eight years was in a primary school teaching key stage 1 and 2. While there, she was lucky enough to be able to teach a number of children with special educational needs, whom flourished under her tutelage.

Teaching is Julia’s passion in all its forms and she thrives on the challenges and rewards that it brings. Tutoring is Julia’s next step in that journey and she will bring her passion and commitment to each and every one of the children she has the opportunity to work with.


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