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Award winning tutoring for children aged 5 - 16

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Welcome to Additions Tutoring. We are have a brilliant team of tutors offering private tutoring, one to one and small group sessions for children from year 1 to A-levels.

All of our tutors are fully qualified teachers and we offer both online tutoring and face to face sessions.

We also specialise in 11+ and entrance exam tutoring, preparing your child for their exams and ensuring that they entre the exam room with the confidence, skills and knowledge that they need.

What we offer ...

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One to one tutoring

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Small group tutoring

Summer Offers

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Back to school boosters

Ensure your child steps into the new school year with confidence and enthusiasm! If your child is entering Year 6 or Year 7 this September, our specialised back-to-school tutoring workshops are the perfect solution. These expert-led sessions are designed to prepare your child for the upcoming term, enhancing their learning skills and boosting their self-confidence. Help your child feel ready to learn and confident as they walk into the new term. Sign up for our back-to-school tutoring workshops and give your child the academic head start they deserve!
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Homework power hours

Are you dreading the summer homework battles? Does tackling your child’s assignments during the 6-week break lead to arguments and frustration? If the ever-changing maths methods leave you puzzled, we have the perfect solution. Sign your child up for an Additions Tutoring Power Hour and let our expert tutors take the strain. They will guide your child through their homework, ensuring it’s not only completed but also fully understood. With our support, your child will confidently present their work when school resumes in September. Book a Power Hour with us and enjoy a stress-free summer, knowing your child’s homework is in good hands.
Power hours cost £35 and can be booked by emailing Vicky at:

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What our customers have said...


"My Son found learning at school really tricky. He was given a predicted 1 in English and 2/3 in Maths. I was put in contact with Victoria and she then sourced my son a tutor . Well what can I say Stephen worked his magic, put belief in my son and even though at first my son was "ugh" he did it after 3 weeks he looked forward to his online meeting every friday. Asking for extra nearer his exam time. The proof is in the pudding . He came away with 4s in both subjects with just 6 months of tutoring. He now has an apprenticeship in automotives . I cannot thank Stephen enough for his teaching and calm patience amd Victoria for putting us onto the right person. Its amazing ! And the results prove that its worth it."


"After lockdown my son's confidence was at an all time low. Weekly on-line sessions with one of Victoria's incredible tutors gave him a safe space to talk through anything he was struggling with in his lessons. In fact, it had such a positive impact that we kept it going throughout Years 3 & 4. Tutoring made an incredible difference to my son's confidence and his understanding, giving him a renewed love of learning."


"I am so impressed with both of the tutors Vicki from Additions Tutoring has found for my daughter. I reeled off all the specific subjects and needs my daughter required, including the style in which she prefers to learn and Vicki found me two fantastic tutors. My daughter finds going to her online lessons are not a chore and really enjoys the interaction between herself and the tutor. Because Vicki get's to know the parent, the child's needs and has this close relationships with her tutors, I found this holistic approach different to other tutoring companies I had been trying in the past. If you're looking for a tutor I can't recommend Additions Tutoring highly enough, as this bespoke service and close relationship allows them to find the right tutor for your child"