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We provide one to one and small group tuition for primary school children in English and maths as well as preparation for 11+ and school entrance exams.

Our tutors are all fully qualified teachers, all of whom have had a minimum of five years experience in the classroom.

Our teachers have a variety of expertise across many subjects and year groups. They all have superb knowledge of the curriculum and have an excellent understanding of educational progression, thus, they are able to support children who need extra help and challenge those children that are above age related expectations.


Maths Tuition

At Additions, we practice the CPA method of maths teaching. This method helps to create a deep understanding of mathematics by using concrete resources, such as counters, base ten equipment, straws and uni-fix cubes. This enables children to “feel” the numbers as well as see them and really supports children who find mathematical concepts challenging. Having said this, these resources are not just or those children who find maths tricky. They are brilliant for kick starting the understanding of new concepts and methods and really embed the mathematical skills for more complex and challenging mathematical problems.

English Tuition

Following the curriculum, we cover spelling, punctuation and grammar as well as reading skills and comprehension. We will also focus on writing skills such as using a wide variety of vocabulary figurative language, and flow and cohesion.

During the reading sessions, we focus on all areas of reading, which include decoding, fluency, retrieval, inference, prediction and understanding sentence structure and cohesion.

11+ Exam Tuition

We have had an excellent success rate in supporting children through their 11+ and school entrance exams. After receiving tuition from Additions tutoring, children have passed exams for Haileybury School, Bishop’s Stortford College, The Pearse School, The Leys and Hockerill.

If your child has a specific need, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help.

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